Bloom Juice


Our *Award Winning* Bloom Juice is specifically made to enhance and magnify flowers, blooms, fruits, and vegetables.

We use our worm castings to create a living liquid that speeds up the delivery of essential nutrients for blooming plants. The phosphorus, calcium and iron-rich liquid help create the ideal environment for all plants to thrive and bloom!

32-ounce bottles are now made from 100% Post-Consumer Plastic! Please remove the label, and lid before recycling.


Bloom Juice

Stimulate New Blooms and Larger Blooms

Microbes Deliver Micro and Macro Nutrients For Flowering

Safe for People, Pollinators, Pets and the Planet

Condition The Soil To Create An Ideal Environment For Blooms

Learn about the incredible story of a championship rose grower that used our Bloom Juice to save his rose bushes and go on to win 57 ribbons at the Missouri State Rose Championship!

1. Shake

Shake, shake, shake! To ensure your plants get all their nutrients, shake the bottle well before using. Prevents any natural product separation.

2. Measure

Measure out the recommended dilution ratio and mix with one gallon of water. Dilution chart is available below.

3. Water

Water your plants as needed to provided your plants with nutrients! Can be used as a soil drench and foliar spray.


Use 1-2 ouncer per gallon of water for Houseplants


Use 2-3 ouncer per gallon of water for the Garden

Rose Bushes

Use 3 ouncer per gallon of water for Shrubs and Bushes


Use 3 ouncer per gallon of water for the Lawn

In Ground Trees

Use 1 cup per inch tree diameter with one gallon of water

Potted Trees

Use 2-3 ouncer per gallon of water for Potted Trees

Use as a

Soil Drench

Use as a

Foliar Spray

Use in a


Use in a

Irrigation system

Use In a

Hydroponic system

Customer Reviews

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rita spittler
Send to the Wrong Address So I Can't Review

I'll review if/when I get it. So sorry.

Christy Carroll
Indoor Plants LOVE this!

I bought this fertilizer for my indoor plants and I saw a difference in one application. That has never happen before! It is amazing!

Gokhan Ozkan

Bloom Juice


My plants are blooming like crazy. And not with the bloom fertilizer, just the regular. Good stuff!

Karen Bolton

Elm Juice seems great. I haven't had time as of yet to see the results. I should see results in several weeks.

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