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Get your hands on Elm Dirt’s first products. Elm Power Bundle is perfect for a home gardener! Perfect for houseplant enthusiast! Create the perfect garden by adding Ancient Soil into your garden beds. Water seedling and young plants with Plant Juice to get them started off right! Robust growth, healthy roots and green leaves. Top-Dress your garden beds with Bloomin’ Soil to slowly release micro and macro nutrients to flowering plants, while watering with Bloom Juice. Giving you organically grown, sweet fruits and vegetables.

Elm Power Bundle Includes:

– 32 oz. Plant Juice

– 32 oz. Bloom Juice

– 2lbs. Ancient Soil

– 2lbs. Bloomin’ Soil

Customer Reviews

Based on 23 reviews
Licia Dryden

I used the Bloom on my flower boxes and wow!!
I need to get some for my daughter-in-law.

Loran Conley
No review. Read comment.

Sorry. I fell off a ladder 2 days after it arrived. Been in hospital til yesterday. Ergo, nothing to report. But looking fw to reporting in a few weeks!

Steve Gitto
Enjoy Using your Product

I feel it’s a little early to say. I’ve used the Elm Juice 3x now on the few plants I have in a vegetable garden. Also testing out your product on my perennials.
As for the Acient and Blooming Soil ingredients you sent, I’m not fully sure when and where they should be used. Are these to be sprinkled over my established perennial beds along with the Elm Juice?
Thanks, Steve

Joan Baron
just started using the bundle

we are testing out the liquid bottles currently and will let you know if we get positive results - mainly with our transplants.
thank you!

Cindy Schuldt
Good Stuff!

I can see a difference in many of my house plants as well as some of my outdoor plants already. I'm hoping to see more fruit/flowers in my outdoor plants over time.
I did open a bag of the soil/dirt and left the half open bag in my pantry(clipped closed). I suggest you use all the bag once it is opened. The smell is disgusting and a little mold started to grow in the soil. Live and learn!

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Elm Power Bundle

Availability: 423 in stock

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