Elm Power Bundle


Get your hands on Elm Dirt’s first products. Elm Power Bundle is perfect for a home gardener! Perfect for houseplant enthusiast! Create the perfect garden by adding Ancient Soil into your garden beds. Water seedling and young plants with Plant Juice to get them started off right! Robust growth, healthy roots and green leaves. Top-Dress your garden beds with Bloomin’ Soil to slowly release micro and macro nutrients to flowering plants, while watering with Bloom Juice. Giving you organically grown, sweet fruits and vegetables.


Elm Power Bundle Includes:

– 32 oz. Plant Juice

– 32 oz. Bloom Juice

– 2lbs. Ancient Soil

– 2lbs. Bloomin’ Soil

Customer Reviews

Based on 8 reviews
Sandra T
1st time user

waiting to see results about products. Disappointed with the cap on liquid products. instructions say to shake well before use. However the screw-on cap does not close bottle securely and liquid splatters out when trying to shake.

Charlotte Adams
Great products!

I’ve just been using these products a short time but it’s made a noticeable difference on my vegetable and flower plants already.

Dawn Borkowski
Elm Dirt

The products are as advertised. No exaggeration. My garden is flourishing.

Guy Chatterton
Plant juice works!

After using the Plant Juice on my herbs, strawberries, tomatoes, and house plants. I am amazed with the results. My palm tree has really shown me that it likes to be fed regularly with the Plant Juice. Wow!

Too soon to tell, but so far, so good.

Living in Northern Wisconsin, our plants are just now starting to go from greenhouse to garden, so I haven't seen results yet. But if everything works as good as the bloom juice, I will be thrilled. I have an asparagus Ferm that I've had for over 15 years. It's been outside I summer and indoors in Winter. Transplanted and divided many times. I used the Bloom Juice and for the first time have flowers on it. I didn't even know they bloomed. More results posted later after a month or so of using other products.

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Elm Power Bundle
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